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10 Home Remedies to Combat Insomnia

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Although millions of people around the world report having trouble falling and staying asleep regularly, suffering from chronic insomnia can cause us many problems, such as feeling isolated and overwhelmed with ourselves.

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The following techniques can help you calm your mind and body and say goodbye to nights when you could not sleep.

1. – Avoid stimulants and depressors, such as caffeine and alcohol. This means avoiding coffee, colas, energy drinks and pills. You may think that alcohol will make you sleep better, but it will not be a good quality sleep.

2. – Reduce your stress levels. Anxiety is one of the biggest contributors to chronic insomnia, so it is important to find and eliminate all unnecessary stress factors in order to have a relaxed mind. Make a list of things that cause you stress and find a solution for every problem.

3. – Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve anxiety and increase the production of endorphins, a group of mild chemicals that block pain and promote happiness.

4. – Establishing a sleep routine will make your body getting used to fall asleep and wake up at a certain time. This will program your biological clock.
5. – Mix two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two of honey. Take a quarter or half a cup before bedtime.

6. – Create a cozy and comfortable sleep environment in your room. Having a good mattress and soft and breathable sheets is the best thing for falling asleep quickly.

7. – Eat sunflower, flax, sesame and pumpkin seeds, which are rich in omega-3. If you eat a handful every day, when you go to sleep, you will enjoy their direct effect on the nerves of the brain responsible for inducing sleep, helping you to achieve total relaxation.

8. – Use soothing mineral and natural oils. Try taking a bath with Dead Sea salts, or use a soothing body oil like lavender or jasmine.

9. – Eliminate caffeine and alcohol, replacing them with herbal tea without caffeine. Coffee or alcohol can disrupt your sleep, even several hours after drinking. A cup of herbal tea can quench your thirst and help you sleep; consume infusions of lavender, chamomile and linden.

10. Try different relaxation techniques when you cannot sleep. Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation are excellent for curing insomnia.

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