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12 Home Remedies to Prevent or Treat Swimmer’s Ear (Otitis Externa)

– Prescription antibiotic ear drops are often used to treat swimmer’s ear also known as acute otitis externa. With this type of ear infection, the ear canal skin becomes infected, inflamed, and swollen leading to pain. However, there are home remedies that can be used to help prevent swimmer’s ear and if the infection is MILD, even treat it. Here are 12 different home remedies that can be considered that incorporate some combination of water, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, domeboro powder, boric acid, onions, basil, olive oil, garlic, etc.

If you prefer to read about the home remedies:

DISCLAIMER: Please consult your doctor before trying any of these home remedies. Never use any of these home remedies if an ear tube or a hole in the eardrum is present. Although mild stinging may occur with use of these home remedies, immediately stop if there is any significant pain with use.

For more info on swimmer’s ear and other types of ear infections:

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