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How to get rid of a cold? Cut the ginger, put it in a saucepan, pour the cola and boil it. Have a hot drink. Another remedy for colds. Put a piece of onion at the feet and put on your socks. Go to bed in these socks. How to get rid of sore throat? Make a decoction of ginger, boiling it for 20 minutes. Add lemon juice, honey and gelatin to the decoction. Pour this mixture into molds for jelly bears. You will get jelly sweets for your throat.

How to overcome insomnia? Mix lavender oil, ylan-ylang oil and coconut oil. Spread this mixture on your wrist and neck before bedtime. How to get rid of a toothache? Grind the cloves in a mortar, add olive oil. Dip a cotton pad into this mixture and apply to the aching tooth.

How to treat callus on the leg? Attach a tomato slice to the corn, rewind your leg with a bandage and leave for the night. What to do if you were bitten by a wasp or a bee? How to reduce itching from wasp or bee sting? Mix the water with baking soda, soak a cotton pad in this mixture. Apply a cotton pad to the site of the bite and put a band on.


0:58 How to overcome insomnia
2:13 How to get rid of cold
4:45 How to get rid of blackheads on face
6:38 How to get rid of dandruff
7:17 How to whiten your teeth
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