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2 Best Home Remedies For ITCHY SCALP TREATMENT

Do you have an ITCHY SCALP? LEARN the causes & natural remedies for treating dry & ITCHY SCALP quickly.

An itching scalp is annoying and uncomfortable for most of us. The very thought of an itching scalp, makes us want to have a shower and scrub and scrub! Scratching in public becomes embarrassing for many who have an itchy scalp. There are many reasons for this problem and can be treated well with various home remedies for itchy scalp.

An Itching scalp is a very common problem. It may affect middle-aged people, for no particular reason. An itching scalp gives us the urge to scratch, and this will often cause scratch marks and little crusty sores all over the scalp. An itching scalp can prove to be very embarrassing, especially when you are in public gatherings. There a number of reasons that can cause this skin problem. 

Depending on the underlying condition, you may experience a burning sensation accompanied by a rash. It can even result in flaking, redness, scaling, discoloration and cracking of skin.  Scratching the scalp excessively can cause sores or lesions. Other symptoms that are associated with an itchy scalp are depression, fatigue, runny-nose and a cough. 

Itchy Scalp Causes:

 An itchy scalp is due to a number of skin diseases, like Fungal or bacterial infection, inflammatory disorders, parasitical infestation, stress, anxiety, obesity or sunburn. Several factors can lead to an itchy scalp. They are as follows: 

1. SKIN DRYNESS: Dryness of the skin is one of the major factors that cause a dry, itchy scalp. An imbalance of the natural oil in your scalp causes an unbearable itching sensation. 

2.  INFLAMMATORY DISORDERS: Psoriasis of the Scalp. This is considered to be a very dangerous cause of an itchy-scalp. Psoriasis is when the scalp is completely covered by thick itchy-red patches surrounded by crusty silver scales. This ailment can cause severe inflammation and discomfort. 

3. LICHEN PLANUS:  Lichen Planus is another terrible inflammatory disorder that causes plenty of itching and hair fall. 

4. CONTACT DERMATITIS: Sometimes our scalp reacts to certain dyes or shampoos that are applied to it. They can cause itching, annoying rashes and scaling of the scalp. 

5. VIRAL INFECTION: Chicken pox is a viral infection that results in blisters on the scalp. These blisters can be painful and itchy at the same time. 
6. DANDRUFF: This is a common cause found among 50% of the population around the world. Dandruff is described as fine white or grayish scales, found on the scalp, which causes an itching sensation.

7. LICE: Among children, an itchy scalp is usually due to lice. The lice are parasites that survive on the blood from the scalp. The saliva of the lice causes irritation due to which the hair or the scalp itches. 

Itchy Scalp Treatment: How to get rid of itchy scalp? While you will find many cure, itching scalp can be better treated with home remedies. Let’s have a quick look over itchy scalp remedies that work:

1. LEMON JUICE: Apply lemon juice throughout the scalp and leave it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse your hair well with a mild shampoo. Repeat this twice a week. This will surely reduce the itching scalp condition. Do try this home remedy for itchy scalp.

2. COCONUT OIL: Massage some coconut oil onto your scalp and leave it on for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with a perfume free shampoo and see the difference for yourself. This is a great itchy scalp treatment and provides quick relief.

So stay safe, take care and don’t forget to note down these simple home remedies! You never know when you may need them!

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