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Home remedies for TREATMENT OF OILY HAIR & oily scalp! TRY these remedies now to get less greasy hair.

‘The first impression is the last’! I’m sure you all must have heard this phrase some time or the other. Silky and bouncy hair is something that we all love to have, and no one would want to go wrong with their hair when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. Your hair reveals all the health secrets of your body. In this video we are going to learn oily hair treatment at home that works.

Well nourished hair is the result of good health. Certain oil glands in our hair help in nourishing the strands and prevent them from breaking. If you have an oily scalp, you know frustrating it can be to have hair that feels clean one minute and dirty the next. Oily scalp triggers greasy hair and that can be a cause of concern.

How to get rid of an greasy hair? Before answering this question let’s first learn the causes of oily hair or oily scalp.

1. Oil secretion: We all have oil glands in our scalp that nourish each strand and provide them strength. When there is excess oil secretion from these glands, the hair begins to get greasy.

2. Oily food: On a daily basis, our hair requires nourishment and essential nutrients to keep them healthy. It is important to maintain a good diet and avoid oily food that can cause excess oil secretion in the glands and in turn increase hair fall.

3. Stress: Increased stress levels are a major concern for many of us these days. Stress can instigate the sebum production making your hair oily and greasy resulting in hair loss.

* Symptoms of Oily Greasy hair mentioned below:-

1. Hair loss: losing hair for no reason can be one of the symptoms for oily hair. Thinning too is associated with oily or greasy hair.

2. Dandruff: When a greasy layer covers the dandruff on your scalp, it is a sign of oily hair.

How to get rid of oily hair? This question is always on the minds of people who are prone to this problem. Let us have a look at some amazing home remedies for Oily hair treatment:
Remedy 1:

1. Egg yolk For Greasy Hair:-

# The yolk of the egg helps in removing excess oil from the hair giving them a good bounce. 

# First, take the yolks of two eggs and whip them up well. 

# Then mix a little bit of lemon juice in it. 

# Apply this mixture on wet hair and leave it on for 15 minutes. 

# Rinse with cold water. 

# Use this mixture 2-3 times a week to free your hair from an oily texture. This is the first oily hair treatment which works wonders. Do try it out.

2. Tea for Greasy Hair: 

# Did anyone know that tea helps in making your hair dry? Tea has an important ingredient known as tannic acid which dries the hair. 

# Boil some tea leaves and strain the water out into a glass. 

# Once it becomes Luke warm, apply this liquid onto the scalp and hair. 

# Leave it on for 5 minutes and rinse. Repeat this procedure twice a week and get rid of oily, greasy hair. This oily scalp treatment does miracles if you follow this method on a regular basis.

Oily hair is annoying and hard to get rid of. Excessive sebum production is the cause for oily hair. In certain cases the sebum glands clog the hair roots and may cause excessive hair loss and dandruff. The reasons for an increase in sebum production are hereditary, unhealthy eating habits, medications or improper hair care. Sebum production is also due to changes in climate, change of seasons, fluctuations of hormone levels.

Treating oily & greasy hair is not as difficult as you think. We have some effective home remedies for oily hair. Do watch this video to treat an oily scalp. The results are amazing! 

Still wondering how to get rid of greasy hair and oily scalp? Try these natural remedies and share results with us.

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