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How to GET RID OF CONSTIPATION naturally? LEARN the best home remedies for CONSTIPATION RELIEF.

What do you mean by the term constipation? In a lay man’s language, it would probably just mean having irregular stools or your bowel movements are not normal. Constipation is a condition in which a person faces difficulty in emptying the bowel, because of hardened feces. Generally, this condition occurs because the diseased person’s colon absorbs too much of water from food. Constipation is a common disturbance of the digestive tract. The most common symptoms of constipation can vary from coated tongue, foul breath, loss of appetite, headache, dizziness, nausea, pimples on the face, ulcer in the mouth or constant fullness in the abdomen. 

Constipation can cause a very uneasy feeling in the stomach. Your tummy could even look bloated and feel tight if you are constipated. If you would ask me, the normal length of time taken to pass a motion can vary from each individual. Some people have free motions thrice a day and some twice a week. Well, both are normal but if the duration of the motion crosses more than 3 days then it is something to ponder on.

# Let us have a look at some of the causes of constipation listed below:

1. Eating disorders: People who eat at odd hours and do not follow the right time table for meals are prone to get constipated.

2. Inactive lifestyle: People, who follow a sedentary lifestyle, must be careful because they can get constipated.

3. Lack of fiber in diet: It is important to eat food rich in fiber so that the bowel movements are free. Fibrous food helps in giving you free motions and regularizes your pattern.

4. Antacid medicines containing calcium: This is yet again another reason to get constipated. Calcium hardens the stool and your find it difficult to pass a motion.

5. Dairy products: Consuming too many dairy products too can lead to you getting constipated. Try and avoid excess consumption of dairy products.

# Listed below are some symptoms of constipation:

1. Fewer Bowel movements: If you are experiencing irregular bowel movements it could be one of the many symptoms of constipation.

2. Trouble passing a motion: If you are constipated then you will notice that you are straining too much while passing a motion. This is another sign of being constipated.

3. Swollen abdominal region: If you are constipated then you will observe that you abdomen is bloated or swollen.

4. Vomiting: A nausea sensation could be felt if you have not passed a motion for more than 3 to 4 days. This is one of the symptoms of being constipated.

# You can use the following home remedies for constipation that we have listed below for you all:

Remedy 1: Spinach is a high fiber diet and helps in natural cure of constipation. You can take raw spinach juice (around 100ml), mixed with an equal quantity of water twice daily. This helps to cure the most aggravated cases of constipation within a few days.

Remedy 2:
Half a lime, squeezed in a glass of hot water, with half a teaspoon of salt is also an effective way to get rid of constipation naturally.

Remedy 3:
A teaspoon of soda or sodium bicarbonate taken in a glass of tepid water, before or with meals is also an excellent way to get rid of constipation. Do try out this effective constipation treatment.

Eating pear, guava, grapes, papaya, and spinach can give you temporary relief.

If you are suffering from irregular bowel movements, try using constipation home remedies and consume a lot of fiber food to get a long term and natural solution.

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