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3 Best Home Remedies For MIGRAINE RELIEF

How to CURE MIGRAINE naturally? Find out the causes & Ayurvedic home remedies for treating migraine.

What is a migraine headache? Pain on only one side of the head could be migraine. Depression, irritability, pounding pain are the main symptoms of migraine. Flashes of light or black spots, numbness or weakness in arms or legs or in any side of the face are some other symptoms.

A migraine can be a very disturbing situation for those suffering from it. It is very stubborn a takes a long time to subside. Migraine headache may be the result from a variety of causes such as low blood sugar, allergy, infection, excessive intake of drugs, a weak constitution, low energy, improper sleep and rest, excessive smoking and drinking and sexual indulgence.

Let us have a look at some of the symptoms of a migraine listed below in order to get a better understanding of it:

1. Throbbing pain: A migraine can be characterized by a throbbing pain especially towards one side of the head.

2. Blind spots: The symptoms of a migraine can differ from person to person. Some people experience a little blurred vision or blind spots before the onset of a migraine. Some people just experience a nagging pain.

3. Sensitivity towards light: A migraine can make a person experience a discomfort in bright lights. They do not even like loud sounds.

Let us have a quick look over the causes of migraine headache:

1. Allergies: Certain allergies can also the trigger the onset of a migraine. Some people who are allergic to either food or due to environmental factors are prone to migraines.

2. Posture: Did you know that poor postures can trigger a migraine headache? YES! Sitting in an uncomfortable position that is not good for your back or beck can be a potential trigger for a migraine.

2. Sleep disorders: People who have sleep disorders are the targets for migraines. It is important to get ample amount of sleep if you want to keep migraines at bay.

3. Low blood sugar levels: Hypoglycemia is a major factor that triggers migraines. People who suffer from low blood sugar should get themselves checked up thoroughly in order to keep migraines at bay.

4. Hormonal imbalances: This is yet another factor or trigger for migraines. Hormonal fluctuations can bring on bad headaches that stay on for a long period of time.

How to cure migraine headache naturally? Here are some natural migraine treatments. Style craze presents time tested, ayurvedic home remedies for your good health.

Remedy 1:
Taking small doses of grape juice several times a day gives great relief from migraine headache.

Remedy 2:
Crusts of lemon pounded in a fine paste in a mortar should be applied as a plaster on the forehead for migraine treatment.

Remedy 3:
200ml of spinach juice, mixed with 300ml of carrot juice to prepare 500ml of the combined juices helps in reducing the pain. This is a brilliant migraine treatment to get instant relief from your headache.

Remedy 4:
100ml of each of beet and cucumber juices, mixed with 300ml of carrot juices is beneficial for migraine cure. If you are looking for a quick relief, then try out this remedy.

Still wondering how to cure migraine headache naturally from home? Next time when you have this condition try our suggested ayurvedic remedies and see the difference yourself. Do share your experiences of these natural migraine treatments.

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