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3 Best Home Remedies For TREATMENT GASTRITIS(Stomach Inflammation)

Gastritis is an inflammation or irritation of stomach. Here are the home remedies for treatment of chronic gastritis.

Ever Tried To Beat GASTRITIS With HOME REMEDIES? Inflammation of the stomach lining (mucosa layer) and its irritation or erosion is termed as gastritis. Depending on whether a part of the mucosa or all of it is damaged, gastritis is classified as acute or chronic.

What Are the Symptoms of Gastritis?
Symptoms of gastritis do vary from person to person but the most coomon symptoms are:
1. Upset stomach
2. Stomach bloating
3. Stomach pain
4. Vomitting
5. Indigestion
6. Burning or gnawing feeling in the stomach
7. Hicuups
8. Loss of appetite
9. Black stools
10. Nausea
How does gastritis affect your body:
Chronic gastritis can be highly complicated for your body like:
1. Peptic ulcers
2. Atrophic gastritis
3. Anemia
4. Vitamin B12 deficiency
5. Growth of stomach lining
Looking to the above symptoms and complications of gastritis it can be suggested that you have reasons to worry.

If you are suffering from gastritis and want to know more about how to treat gastritis symptoms? Watch this video and know natural remedies for gastritis that provides you instant solution.

# Causes of gastritis:

• Eating extremely spicy foods and consuming acidic drinks,
• Overdose of pain- killers and anti- inflammatory drugs
• Bacterial infection (Helicobacter pylori)
• And deficiency of vitamin B12

Other factors which contribute to gastritis are consumption of too much alcohol, diseased conditions like HIV, parasitic, viral or fungal infections and stress.
Chronic gastritis is a serious thing and needs to be checked by a physician, however in cases of acute gastritis some relief can be obtained by following these natural remedies for gastritis.

Home Remedies For Gastritis:- Fortunately you can treat gastritis natural remedies. These natural remedies are easy to use, abundantly available and gives you instant sure. Let’s review natural cures of treatment of gastritis that works.

1. Carom Seeds
Powdered dry ginger and carom seeds mixture can be mixed with little bit of black salt in buttermilk and had 3 times a day. This is an effective cure for gastritis.

2. Ginger
Brew 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped ginger root in one cup water for 10 minutes. Strain this mixture and let it cool. Add honey and have this ginger tea 2-3 times a day for a week. Ginger is found to be very effective gastritis treatment. For more benefits of ginger, go through this video

3. Yogurt
Including probiotic yogurt in your meals or having it separately atleast 2 to 3 cups provides some relief against gastiritis.

Still wondering how to cure gastritis? Try the above mentioned natural remedies for gastritis and see the benefits yourself.

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