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How to get rid of a RUNNY NOSE? Learn natural home remedies to STOP RUNNY NOSE ALLERGIES.

A runny nose (Rhinorrhea) or running nose is the excess flow of a clear fluid or thick mucus, produced by the nasal tissues and blood vessels in the nose. It can be a very uncomfortable feeling especially when you are in public. A Runny nose can be due to many reasons like environmental pollution, whether change, sinusitis or any kind of allergies that irritate the nasal area. A runny nose can be treated easily but some conditions can be stubborn and take some time to get cured. Apart from medication, one should consider using natural home remedies that actually treat the problem form the root and keep you away from a constant runny nose allergies. There are a number of ways to curb this problem by opting for natural remedies for constant runny nose.

Going back in time, people resorted to treating a cold without the help of medicines. A running nose though is quite a simple problem it can disturb your daily activities. Children especially find it difficult to deal with a runny nose due to the fact that it can cause a disturbed breathing pattern.

# Causes Of Constant Runny Nose Allergies (Rhinorrhea):-

1. SINUSITIS: This condition causes the cavities around your sinuses to become inflamed, causing mucus to build up.

2. THE COMMON COLD: This is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, and can cause a runny nose.

3. THE DUST MITE ALLERGY: This allergy is a reaction to tiny bugs which thrive in the dust of a house. People who suffer from this allergy are prone to develop a runny nose.

4. INFLUENZA: This is a viral infection which affects the nose throat and lungs. It is also a cause of a runny nose.

# Symptoms Constant Runny Nose Allergies (Rhinorrhea ):-

1. SNEEZING: This occurs when the mucous membranes of the nose and the throat are irritated.

2. COUGH: A dry cough or a productive cough is also associated with a runny nose.

3. FEVER: Fever may also be noticed if you are suffering from a runny nose.

# how to get rid of a runny nose fast? Try these natural home based medicines for treating constant runny nose allergies:

This is a natural remedy for runny nose and is very effective. Mix two teaspoons of salt to one cup of warm water. Now, using a dropper put a few drops of this solution into each nostril. Repeat this twice a day. A great runny nose remedy you must try! This is one of the best medicine for runny nose allergies.

Chewing fresh ginger is a magical remedy, which cures a runny nose very quickly. This is an excellent home remedy for running nose allergy!

Mix one teaspoon of turmeric in one glass of warm milk. Drink it before going to bed. Do this daily until you find some difference. This is one of the best medicine for constant runny nose allergy.

Are still wondering on how to get rid of a runny nose fast? Try out these remedies for running nose and see the difference for yourself!

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