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LEARN natural LIVER CIRRHOSIS treatments. Our Liver CIRRHOSIS treatments prevent or delay further liver damage.

What is liver cirrhosis? Is it life threatening? Many questions come into our minds when we talk about this decease called ‘Liver Cirrhosis’! Cirrhosis is one of the most alarming and degenerative disease of the liver. The damage caused is usually not repairable and leads to many other problems, diseases and infections. In order to get a better understanding of this decease, in simple words a healthy liver slowly gets replaced by scar tissues. What happens during this process is that, these tissues block the blood flow to the liver and in turn the production of protein or other important substances slow down. This can be a dangerous sign!

Did you know that cirrhosis of the liver is one of the 12th leading causes of death according to the’ National Institute of Heath’.

How to cure cirrhosis of the liver ? In the early stages of the disease, there are frequent attacks of indigestion, occasional nausea, vomiting. In the advanced stage however, the symptoms include fever, foul breath, reddish hair like markings on the skin etc. excessive use of alcohol is the most potent cause for liver cirrhosis.

Let us have a quick look at some of the causes of cirrhosis of the liver:

1. Obesity: Now you may wonder how obesity is related to liver cirrhosis. Well, there is a connection here. People who are overweight tend to develop a fatty liver due to excess deposits in the body. Diabetics too are prone to have a fatty liver.

2. Hepatitis B, C and D: A viral infection that affects the liver can again cause liver cirrhosis. Hepatitis D is considered to be one of the worst and rare ones when compared to hepatitis B and C.

3. Bile Duct: What is the job of the bile duct in our body? It carries bile from the liver and passes it to the intestines. This helps us to digest our food but when this duct gets inflamed or even blocked due to other factors then this can cause Biliary cirrhosis.

Some of the symptoms of liver cirrhosis are listed below for a better understanding. Kindly go through them:

1. Loss of appetite: If any one of you experience loss of appetite on a more regular basis, then it is important to review the cause for it to be happening. This is one of the signs of liver cirrhosis.

2. Weight problems: A person who has liver cirrhosis can either gain weight or even lose weight rapidly. This could an alarming sign! If you experience such weight problems, then it is recommended that you get yourself reviewed.

3. Disoriented: Liver cirrhosis again causes a situation wherein you feel disoriented or confused.

4. Fever: People who suffer from liver cirrhosis can develop fever. This again is another symptom of liver cirrhosis.

5. Discoloration in urine: Liver cirrhosis causes a certain change in the color of the urine that you pass.

Home Remedies For cirrhosis of the liver :-

Remedy 1:-
A tablespoon of juice obtained by grinding papaya seeds, mixed with ten drops of fresh lime juice, should be taken once or twice daily for about a month. Do try out this liver cirrhosis treatment.

Remedy 2:-
Are you looking at a way on how to cure cirrhosis? Try this home remedy. Take 200ml of spinach juice and mix it with 300ml of carrot juice is also beneficial.

Remedy 3: –
Take 2 tbsp of yogurt, add 2 cups of water, add 2 tsp of cumin seed powder add 1 tsp of salt, blend them together to make buttermilk, drink this 2 twice daily. This helps to treat cirrhosis of the liver.

Still wondering how to treat cirrhosis of the liver. Well the answer is here. Try the above remedies to stop and protect further liver damage.
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