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3 Simple Natural Home Remedies For PINK EYE TREATMENT

HOW TO GET RID OF PINK EYES FAST? TRY these natural remedies for TREATING PINK EYE from your home.

Pink eye is a common term used for conjunctivitis- which is generally the inflammation of conjunctiva. In this condition, the white part of eye and the inside of the eyelids gets inflamed. It can be caused due to viruses, bacteria, chemicals such as shampoos, chlorine in swimming pools, smoke and dirt, allergies caused by pollen or dust and sometimes, due to contact lens. The Pink eye(conjunctivitis) is contagious but not a serious health risk. In newborn babies however, it could be indicative of serious problems that could lead to vision loss.

It’s often wondered how to get rid of pink eye symptoms? While there are several medicines available for pink eye treatment, home remedies can be very useful.

Before exploring further on pink eye(conjunctivitis) treatment, let’s understand the symptoms of this medical condition.

Conjunctivitis/Pink Eyes can be identified through the following symptoms:

1. Redness of the eye or inner eyelid.
2. Itching of the eyes.
3. Increased tears.
4. Thick yellow discharge building up on the eyelashes after sleep.
5. White or green colored discharge from eyes.
6. Blurred vision.
7. Burning sensation in the eyes.
8. Increased sensitivity to light.

Viral conjunctivitis is caused due to a viral infection. It is most contagious among all types and will go away on its own in a few days. Homemade remedies for eye vision can go a long way in improving eye health. Bacterial conjunctivitis however can cause serious problems to the eyes if left untreated. It is important to know how to treat pink eyes. Certain forms of conjunctivitis can also be caused as a result of the eyes’ immune response to wearing contact lenses or ocular prosthetics. Spreading of the infection to other people can be prevented by avoiding sharing of items like contact lenses and eye makeup etc. Also, infected eyes should not be rubbed with hands.

How to get rid of pink eye fast at home is a question frequently asked by many. Stylecraze presents time tested, natural home remedies for your health and beauty concerns along with some handy tips.

You can try the following home remedies to treatment for pink eye at home:

Pink Eye Remedy 1:

1. Dissolve ½ tsp raw honey and pinch of salt in ½ cup pure warm water. 
2. Using a clean dropper, place 1 or 2 drops of the mixture in each eye every few hours as needed.
This is the first pink eye home remedy that will surely help you. This is one of the best pink eye remedies that you must try out.

Pink Eye Remedy 2:

1. Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of boiled water. 
2. Then dip a cotton ball in the mixture and squeeze two drops in each eye. Do this twice day. This is one among the most effective pink eye remedies.

Pink Eye Remedy 3:

1. Take half a cup boiled water let it cool down for normal room temperature and add a spoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of table salt.
2. Dip a neat white cloth into the turmeric salt solution and wring it a little so that no drops solution flow on to the face or nose.
3. Then, place the cloth slab onto the affected eye for 20 to 30 minutes. Try out this wonderful eye treatment at home to cure pink eye fast and feel relaxed.

This is the third pink eye cure.

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