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Nowadays people are becoming more and more aware of what is going into their bodies, thatโ€™s why now a lot of people choose natural alternatives when it comes to treating ailments.
Instead of going to buy expensive treatments, learn how to get clear skin with these natural home remedies. Our mask recipes will save you a fortune and time! We have an easy recipe so you can make your own at home. Probably, you already have ingredients at home as common ingredients are gelatin and milk, microwave it and apply on your nose! Get rid of blackheads and save your money!
Moreover, we prepared a lot of beauty lifehacks that you can effectively use at home without going to the makeup store!
Find an ultimate collection of home cures that really work!
Here are some of them:
-use ear candle to cure clogged ear
-get rid of bruises more quickly and use rubbing alcohol and dish soap
-an easy way to get rid of mosquitos is to use lemon and cloves
-mix salt, water, and pepper for a toothache
-a migraine? We will show how to bear with it without using medicine and how apple cider will help you to cure bruises.
-cold sore? Use Vaseline and lemon balm extract
-a sore throat? Mix baking soda and salt put it into warm water and gargle 3 times a day
-if you have a cough the best remedy is the mix of apple cider vinegar, water, honey and ginger powder. Take 1 spoon 3 times a day!
-our recipe of DIY sugaring paste will save you a fortune.
-watch our video and find the recipe of homemade cough drops
As a bonus, we prepared a list of useful relaxing acupuncture exercises. Acupuncture is a specific type of massage that relies primarily on using the fingers to apply pressure to various points on the body. We share with you best acupressure points to treat headache.
Acupressure can provide relief for a number of different pains and ailments, nourishes blood and promotes relaxation.


01:21 Clogged ear?
04:41 Forget about bruises
08:04 Homemade cough drops
08:36 Best acupressure points
11:25 Homemade sugaring paste

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