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4 Best Dog Ringworm Treatments and Home Remedies

Ringworm, also known as dermatophytosis or tinea, is not actually caused by a worm. Most pet owners believe that it is a parasitic infection similar to the worms found in a dog’s stool, however this condition is actually brought on by a fungal infection. The best dog ringworm treatment options may be effective, but a serious infection may require veterinary care.

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This condition causes a scaly, red, itchy patch of skin that typically takes the shape of a ring or multiple rings. This is how it came to be referred to as ringworm. The fungus lives and grows in the upper layer of the skin and in the dog’s hair follicles. Occasionally, it can also occur in the nails.

“Capric acid is found in coconut oil. Researchers have found that capric acid is great not only for fighting a variety of bacteria strains, but also for preventing fungi growths.”