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4 Effective Home Remedies For ASCITES TREATMENT

HOW TO TREAT ASCITES NATURALLY? LEARN causes, symptoms and home made treatment of ASCITES.

Ascites refers to build up of fluid in the abdominal cavity. It can indicate liver disease, congestive heart disease, kidney failure or cancers. Most commonly liver cirrhosis is attributed to cause ascites. Increased bold pressure in the liver is known to cause this condition. It is caused due to a difference in pressure between the circulation (high pressure) and abdominal cavity (low pressure). Decrease in albumin levels also contribute to this.

Causes of Ascites:
1. Salt and water retention
2. Congestive heart failure and kidney failure which cause generalized water retention.
3. Alcohol abuse
4. Hepatitis B or C also may cause ascites.

Increased pressure in the liver could also be caused due to an obstruction of the portal artery internally by a blood clot or externally by a tumor. Pancreatic ascites is caused due to prolonged alcohol abuse.

Ascites can also be caused due to cancers and are called as malignant ascites. These are caused due to cancers in the organs present in the abdominal cavity, like colon cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer.

Ascites Treatment:

Home remedies can be extremely helpful in treating the causes and symptoms of liver/abdominal Ascites.

Remedy 1:

Soak a handful of fenugreek seeds overnight. Next morning, mix the seeds and water gently and strain the liquid with a muslin cloth or strainer. Drink the liquid to keep yourself healthy.

Remedy 2:

Dilute 30 ml of bitter gourd root juice with water and consume the liquid at least thrice a day for rapid relief.

Remedy 3:

Take a handful of chick peas. Soak them overnight in water. Strain the liquid early in the morning and drink it to get relief from ascites.

Remedy 4:

Consumption of fresh garlic juice daily for at least two to three weeks. It helps to reduce the pain and swelling in the abdomen.
Hope you feel better soon!

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