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4 Home Remedies For Removing Ear Wax

4 home remedies for removing ear wax. Ear wax is produced deep within our ear canals, and under normal circumstances provides a healthy function for our bodies by protecting our inner ears from foreign infection. But if you notice it’s building more than it should, you may experience discomfort, difficulty hearing, and personal embarrassment if anyone asks to share your earbuds.

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Water Irrigation: 2:51
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1. Baking Soda
Dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda into some warm water and let it drip into your ears with a dropper bottle, then flush it out with some water an hour later. Rinse and repeat once a day until your ears start to feel a bit clearer.

2. Oil
Coconut oil, baby oil, glycerin, olive oil and mineral oil are the reccomended oils for getting rid of extra earwax. Just a couple of drops in your ear for about five minutes, once or twice per day.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide
Drip somewhere betwen 5 to 10 drops of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide into your ear, and keep your head tilted for about five mintues before rinsing it out. Repeat this process once per day for somewhere between 3 to 14 days and you should start experiencing cleaner ears and cleaner hearing.

4. Water Irrigation
To irrigate excess wax from your ears, fill a soft rubber bulb with warm water and gently squeeze it into your ear while allowing the water to run back out into a basin, bowl or towel. You can also combine this with any of the other methods we’ve already mentioned, in case you’re looking to double down on ear cleaning techniques.

What Not To Do
For every safe and effective home remedy, there are just as many supposed remedies for excessive ear wax which may, in fact, be potentially dangerous to attempt. For starters, you should always avoid sticking small objects in your year in an attempt to dig the wax out, as this could potentially damage your ear. And before you ask; yes, this includes cotton swabs.

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