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5 Effective and Simple Home Remedies For Gluten Intolerance

5 Effective and Simple Home Remedies For Gluten Intolerance

Gluten can be a cruel, cruel mistress – it’s part of many of the best things in life, but ends up making some people feel beyond shitty. In this video I give you 5 natural remedies to cure Gluten Intolerance at home.

1. Drink herbal teas.
Ginger, mint and chamomile tea are great for soothing the belly by aiding digestion and alleviating an upset stomach or nausea. Consume as needed.

2. Drink plenty of water.
Water is an essential nutrient and every cell of the body needs water to function properly. Water also assists in the removal of wastes and toxins from the body. Many people live in state of chronic dehydration.

3. Fermented foods.
Fermented foods contain enzymes that enhance digestion and probiotics that help to balance your gut flora, which play a large role in the health of your immune system. Also, fermented foods are high in nutrients that nourish the entire body.

4. Drink nettle leaf tea.
Nettle leaf tea contains natural antispasmodic and antihistamine properties. It can help to relieve muscle and joint pains and relax the body. Neither gluten intolerance nor celiac disease is mediated by histamine.

5. Aloe Vera.
Soothing the stomach lining it can reduce the severity of the symptoms from Gluten exposure. Its mild laxative properties help to relieve constipation and ease the symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

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