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5 Effective Home Remedies To DYSENTERY TREATMENT

How to Treat DYSENTERY SYMPTOMS? LEARN natural remedies for treating DYSENTERY from home.

What is dysentery?
Dysentery is the infection of the intestines resulting in severe Diarrhoea with the presence of blood and mucus in the faeces. The acute form of dysentery is characterized by pain in the abdomen and diarrhea. The symptoms of dysentery might be abdominal pain, constant desire to evacuate etc are some of the other symptoms.

Dysentery Treatment: This is a common health condition encountered by patients across all age groups. You can use home remedies to treat Dysentery quickly. Here is a list of dysentery treatments:

Remedy 1:
Three lemons, peeled and sliced, should be added to 250ml of water and boiled for a few minutes. The strained infusion should be administered thrice daily.

Remedy 2:
About five to ten grams of ribbed gourd seeds can be given with one cup of buttermilk twice daily with beneficial results in amoebic dysentery.

Remedy 3:
About 50ml of castor oil should be administered with one cup of milk thrice daily, followed by 10gm of ishabgul seeds, mixed with about 100gm of curd, should be taken three to four times a day.

Remedy 4
Small pieces of onion mixed with curd and equal parts of tender leaves of a peepal tree, coriander leaves, and sugar, chewed slowly.

Remedy 5:
Take a glassful of buttermilk with a pinch each of rock salt, black pepper, and roasted cumin seed powder twice daily with breakfast and lunch.

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