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5 Quick Home Remedies for Kidney Stones that are proven to work

Have you ever suffered from kidney stone disease? Kidney stone causes the worst physical pain ever felt. There are many home remedies for kidney stone disease. But the truth is only a few kidney stone home remedies actually are proven to work!

Natural home treatment for kidney stones beats allopathic drugs any day!. This is simply because kidney stone problems mostly arise from unhealthy lifestyle practices and living.

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About Us:-

The Laser Kidney Stone Clinic at T-Nagar and OMR is chennai’s premier and international kidney stone hospital in chennai that offers the latest Holmium-YAG laser treatment of stones. The hospital has been successfully operating for over a decade now is recognized as one of the best hospitals of kidney stone, prostate, urinary incontinence and a host of other urological diseases

The Laser Kidney stone clinic employs a panel of senior urology consultants headed by Dr. Karthik who is prominent laser surgeon. The clinic has successfully treated close over 10,000 patients with kidney stone disease.

We also offer free online consultation/medical advice for patients with kidney stones. You will find a host of amazing articles on treating kidney stones naturally in our website. Check it out below!

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Our Kidney stone hospital in chennai is located in 2 prime locations of the city

Location 1:-

Laser Kidney Stone Clinic (T-Nagar)
No 1, Crescent Park Street, T-Nagar, Chennai – 17
Phone: 090928 49786

Location 2:

Laser Kidney Stone Clinic (OMR)
“White Rose”, No.5/395, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Okkiyam, Thoraipakkam, Chennai – 97
Phone: +91 97102 04044

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