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5 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Heel Pain

5 Simple And Effective Home Remedies For Heel Pain

Because our feet are so crucial to our daily lives, many patients are immediately concerned that their heel pain will require surgery. But in this video I give you some simple natural remedies to cure your heel pain.

1. Apple cider vinegar.
Apple cider vinegar is the new super food. You can soak your feet in a tub of warm water with few drops of apple cider vinegar or wrap a wet towel drenched in it around your heel for few minutes.

2. Baking soda.
You’ll be surprised to know the number of things this humble kitchen ingredient can be used for. Make a paste by mixing half teaspoon of baking soda in water and apply this on your heel. Baking soda also helps in balancing the pH levels.

3. Flaxseed oil.
Pour some flaxseed oil in warm water and dip a towel in it. Wrap the towel around your heel and place a heating pad over it. Leave it on for at least an hour and avoid moving during this period.

4. Ice.
Fill a bucket with water, then add ice. Dip your feet into the bucket and relax. Don’t leave your feet in the ice bath for longer than 20 minutes. Perform several short treatments for the best results.

5. Coconut oil.
Take two to three teaspoons of coconut oil in your palm and massage it gently on the affected foot. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. After application, you can seal in the oil by wearing socks. Do this once daily, preferably before bedtime.

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