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5 Simple Natural cure Home Remedies For Gonorrhea

5 Simple Natural cure Home Remedies For Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases caused by neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria. This infection affects both men and women in different ways, Hare in this video I give you the effective remedies for Gonorrhea.

1. Aloe Vera.
One particular species of aloe vera, barbadensis milla, is be used for gonorrhea, as this herbal remedy is successful in removing bacterial infections and lowering inflammation.

2. Tea Tree Oil.
Tea tree oil has been proven to be a powerful antibacterial substance. Tea tree oil can be placed directly on a tampon to directly attack the bacteria for females suffering from gonorrhea.

3. Garlic.
This anti-bacterial food also enhances your immune system by curing the infection well. Crush it into a fresh paste. Apply this to the affected regions of your body.

4. Black Tea.
If gonorrhea has affected the eyes and you spot pus, try this remedy to get rid of the infection. Soak the black tea bag in the boiling water for about one minute. Put this on the eyes and wait for about 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Goldenseal.
You can apply this herb on the affected area or consume it orally. However, one should consult the doctor prior to using it as it may cause vomiting, nausea and other similar side effects.

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