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7 Dry cough home remedies | How to get rid of dry cough quickly

7 Dry cough home remedies | how to get rid of dry cough quickly Cough Quickly. dry cough home remedies to treat dry cough.

In this video I had discussed about very useful home remedies for dry cough that will give you instant relief.

A dry cough is a type of cough that doesn’t produce any sputum or phlegm. Such type of cough is common when you develop a viral infection of the nose or throat. It feels as if something’s stuck in the throat and you cannot get it out even with continuous coughing. A dry, hacking cough may also be the outcome of an exposure to allergens and dusty environments.

Whatever the cause, you can always make use of certain Dry cough home remedies to improve your condition. Here I am suggesting effective dry cough treatment at home.

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