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8 Best Home Remedies for Your Dog's Bad Breath

Have you ever tried to snuggle up to your pet and received a face full of stinky breath in return? Bad breath isn’t just annoying, it’s also a sign of dental health issues. These dog bad breath home remedies will get rid of the foul odor and help keep your pet’s mouth clean and healthy.

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Treating your dog’s bad breath will depend completely on the cause of the problem. If his halitosis isn’t severe, you can use a trial-and-error system to figure it out. As I mentioned, if it is severe or comes on suddenly, it’s best to work with your vet to create a treatment plan based on the root cause.

“Most veterinarians will recommend having your dog’s teeth professionally cleaned once a year. Your vet will probably want to do the first cleaning when your dog is 6-12 months old. If your dog is already an adult and has never had a professional teeth cleaning, that’s alright.”