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Cure Your Hangover By use this Natural Home Remedies

Cure Your Hangover By use this Natural Home Remedies

You know better than to buy anything labeled “hangover cure” the morning after a wild night. But there has to be something out there to ease the headache, nausea, and overall sense of feeling like crap. In this video I give you 5 simple remedies to cure Hangover Naturally.

1. Bananas.
One of the effective remedies is to have a banana. Bananas become man’s best friend when he has a hangover. It is filled with potassium and helps replenish it in your body.Moreover, it is easy to eat. Just peel and take a bite.

2. Water.
Drinking a lot of water is also another remedy. Water helps to hydrate your body and dilutes the impurities that are there in our body. Aim to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water.

3. Lemons.
Lemon helps to detoxify and break down alcohol. It is also refreshing and is gentle on an upset stomach during hangovers. Add two tsp of lemon juice and one tsp of honey in warm water and slowly drink this 2-3 times or more from the time you wake up.

4. Ginger Tea.
Take about 12 slices of fresh ginger in about four cups of water and boil for about 10 minutes. Add fresh orange juice and lemon juice and 1/2 cup of honey.Voila! Ginger tea is ready.

5. Ginseng.
Recent research has shown that red ginseng, a root native to Korea, can clear alcohol byproducts from the blood, though Aizenberg says it’s less clear exactly what that means for your hangover symptoms.

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