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Dengue Fever Treatment, Home Remedies and Diet Chart – Increase Blood Platelets count

Hi all; This video is posted for creating an awareness on how to fight back with dengue virus.
For Complete Method & Dosage of Papaya Leaf Juice for Platelet pl refer :

For Details about the Precautions to be followed in dengue and home remedies for Fever, Cold & Cough ,follow this link:

The dengue patients usually get admitted in hospitals with lots many complications like constant platelets lost and so on. But I took care of my husband and saved him.

So. On 30th September noon he experienced shivering severe headache and fever. I Immediately gave him crocin and asked him to relax.But his fever continued for another hour. We rushed to the general practitioner in the evening. He examined and immediately told that my husband is suffering from dengue (Though not proved since there was no Blood Test Report) .
He gave paracetamol , vitamin B complex tablets and anti vomit tablets . We returned home, I gave my husband soup and that anti vomiting tab and he vomited at the very 11th sip of the soup. Next day onwards I took a good care and he started showing recovery. His blood t4est was scheduled on 2nd OCt (for dengue) . We took the test and he tested positive for dengue. His Blood Platelets were 255000 but WBC dropped to 3500 (4000 is the minimum value) . We again rushed to the same doctor. He said “ Abhi Fever mei toh WBC girta hi hai…and kal (4th day of dengue fever ) se platelets bhi girenge.”
I requested him to give some medication for Platelets and WBC , but he denied saying “Platelets ki dawai hum Platelets girne k baad hi de sakte and WBC ki koi dawa nahi Jyada hua toh we will admit him.” And, on 5th day his blood test was again scheduled followed by evening appointment.
I returned home and took a firm determination that I wont let his platelet drop and will improve his health condition too.
I searched net like a crazy and formed his diet chart (on the basis of dengue symptoms) and also found a miracle home remedy for Platelets – Papaya leaf Juice. And also neem juice for making him fit soon.
Next morning onwards I used to leave home at 8 AM to find and pluck leaves of neem and papaya and gave it to my husband.
On 5th morning the Blood Test (CBC) again took place. And , now my husband’s platlets increased to 266000 . Thus, girne ki jagah maine apne mehnat se use 10000 se badha diya.But WBC dropped to 23000.
We went to doc again , he said all is well and ab kal se fever chala jayega. (I took a relaxed breath) .But suddenly at night my husband’s condition got worse (That morning-after the blood test- he vomited the papaya leaf juice and also was watching movies the entire day) .
I immediately googled the best Dengue Specialist doctor at Pune and took my husband to him.
He then changed the entire medication and gave antibiotic, A tablet containing papaya leaf juice extract and a Tablet for constipation.
After two doses of this new doctor’s medicine my Husband’s fever finally dropped. Now he has almost recovered. But my advice to all you reading this is never blindly trust the doctors. They sometimes are just looking forward to admit you and loot you. I would give following tips if you or any of your loved one is suffering from dengue. Follow this and you will never have to admit to see any loved one suffering from dengue.
Home Remedy:
Papaya Leaf Juice : If the platelets haven’t started dropping (is already above 150000) then twice a day crush 2 leaves of papaya leaf . Grind very finely. Squeeze and extract the juice and give it to the patient.If platelets have dropped below 150000 then give this thrice a day.and 2.5
Neem Leaf : Same recipe as the Papaya Leaf.Dosage only twice or once day
Drink Water : 3 lts daily.
Coconut Water
Kiwi, Papaya, Soup, Beetroot, Spinach, Pumpkin.

2) The Diet Chart which I made for my husband.
8 AM : 1 lemon in lukewarm water , 8:30 : Fruit Plate : ½ Papaya, kiwi, Banana , Guava ( Ensure Vitamin C and also these food help relieving dengue constipation and inc appetite)

9:00 AM Neem Juice, 9:30 AM : Papaya leaf Juice. 10 AM : medicines as prescribed by doc
(Till 12 PM ensure that the patient has drunk 1.5 lts of water)

11 :30 AM : Soup made up of Tomato, Apple,Lauki, Pumpkin, beetroot,Carrot, garlic and giner. Seasoning : bay leaf, black pepper and cumin): Ensures nutrition , Taste Buds and increases the appetite.

1: 00 PM : moong daal khichadi along with Spinach, Garlic, Carrot , beetroot . Seasoned with onions tomato hing and little green chilly.

3:00 : medicines
4:00 Coconut water, 5:00 papaya leaf juice
5:30 Milk/ tea
(till this time ensure the patient has drunk 2.5 lts of water).
Evening : Khichdi /Roti sabji / Anar + Milk