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Ear Infection Home Remedies – Fast Relief

Try these natural home remedies to get very fast relief from the pain and uneasiness caused by an ear infection. There are several more natural cures for it at

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=== Home Remedies for Ear Infections ===

How would you feel if the sounds of the world around you are blocked out by an infected ear. Definitely miserable!
Ear infections are usually caused by the presence of bacteria or viruses in the middle ear. They occur more often during childhood due to blocked Eustachian tubes (Eustachian tube connects the ear to the back of the nose). Ear infections can also happen because of

• Ear wax buildup
• Common cold or other respiratory infections
• Allergies, exposure to irritants and air pollutants
• Changes in altitude or climate
• A genetic predisposition

Pain and inflammation are almost inherent in ear infections. Recurrence can lead to accumulation of fluids in the middle ear. The condition could lead to symptoms like:

• Headache
• Fullness or pressure in the ear
• Fluid drainage from the ear
• Fever
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Loss of balance
• Temporary loss of hearing ability

To treat ear infection at home, here a few remedies.

Home Remedy 1
• Take a cup of salt
• Put it on a pan and heat it over low flame until it turns slightly brownish. (You could also heat it over a double boiler or microwave for 3-5 minutes.)
• Place it on a cloth and seal the open end with rubber band (or tie a knot).
• When it is bearably hot, place the salt pouch on the infected ear for 5-10 minutes.
• Repeat the remedy daily as many times as needed.

This method is particularly safe and effective for kids.

Home Remedy 2
• Take 2 tablespoons of sesame oil or mustard oil in a pan.
• Place 2 cloves of garlic in it.
• Heat them on low flame until they turn blackish.
• Finally, strain the oil.
• When it is bearably hot, dip a cotton ball in the garlic oil and squeeze 2-4 drops into the ear.

Home Remedy 3
• Take 4-5 basil leaves.
• Crush them on a sieve to extract juice.
• Dip a cotton swab or a cotton ball and apply the juice on and around the infected ear. Do not put it in the ear canal.
• Do this twice daily.

If the pain worsens or does not subside within a couple of days, consult your doctor.

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