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Gallstones Treatment Without Surgery | Natural home Remedies | It Really works

In this video, I will tell you, gallstones treatment Without Surgery. Gallstones Are Hard Deposits That Form Inside The Gallbladder, A Small Organ Located Behind The Liver On The Right Side Of Your Abdomen. Gallstones Can Range In Size From Smaller Than A Grain Of Sand To Larger Than A Golf Ball. According To The American Medical Association, 80 Percent Of Gallstones Are Made Of Hardened Cholesterol That Develops When There Is Too Much Cholesterol In The Gallbladder. Other Causes Include High Levels Of Bilirubin And A Concentration Of Bile In The Gallbladder. Pregnancy, Obesity, Diabetes, Liver Disease, A Sedentary Lifestyle, A High Fat Diet, And Certain Forms Of Anemia Are Some Of The Risk Factors Of Gallstones. People Older Than 60 Years Of Age, Females And People Of Native American Or Hispanic Descent Have A Greater Risk Of Gallstones. Many People Develop Gallstones And Never Know It. But When A Gallstone Obstructs The Bile Duct, It Can Cause Symptoms Like Sudden Onset Of Severe Pain Especially In The Right Side Of The Abdomen, Back Pain, Nausea Or Vomiting, Bloating, Indigestion, Chills And Clay-colored Stools. The Pain Caused By Gallstones May Last For A Few Minutes To Several Hours. Gallstones Can Cause Lot Of Pain And Must Be Treated Immediately. So, Consult Your Doctor For Proper Diagnosis And Treatment. There Are Several Natural Home Remedies Too That You Can Use To Prevent And Treat Gallstones.

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