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Home remedies for Anemia

Here are some home remedies for Anemia:

Remedy 1:
Almonds are a useful remedy for anemia as they are rich source of copper. Soak 7 to 8 almonds in water for about two hours and ground into a paste after removing the thin red skin. This paste may be eaten once daily in the morning for three months.

Remedy 2:
One teaspoon of turmeric juice taken daily with honey is very effective remedy anemia.

Remedy 3:
Soak 4 to 5 dates and raisins (10) in water overnight and have them with milk in the morning.They are a rich source of iron, which is why it’s the best remedy for treating anemia.

Remedy 4:
Soya bean is rich in iron and also has a high protein value. As most anemic patients usually also suffer from a weak digestion, it should be given to them in a very light form, preferably in the form of milk, which can be easily digested.

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