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Home Remedies For Cold and Flu || 100% Working.

“Home Remedies For Cold and Flu || 100% Working.”

It is a fact of life that every year, cold and flu season comes around. It can make life truly miserable for anything from a few days, to a couple of weeks. And unfortunate, even if you are immunized, it is still possible to get a strain of flu not covered under the flu vaccination. The flu is easy to distinguish from a cold because it often brings on high fever, body aches, extreme fatigue, and headache. These are usually combined with the typical respiratory symptoms of a cold- sniffles, sneezes, sore throat and coughing.

There are plenty of cold and flu remedies available for purchase over the counter plus prescription medications you can take. All of these will help attack cold and flu, but usually only once it has taken hold. They focus primarily on treating the symptoms, not actually helping the body fight back and recover.

So, let us look at some natural home remedies that will help you fight cold and flu.

✦ Thyme.

Thyme is a great expectorant for chest congestion and either thyme oil or herbal thyme can be used to help.
There is a method that helps with breathing in the thyme essence and loosening congestion.

✦ Garlic

A natural antiseptic, garlic is a great immune booster herb that can prevent respiratory
infections as well as fight viruses. Take it regularly for prevention and if illness does strike, take it to help recover faster from the viral illness.

✦ Zinc

At the first hint of a cold, sucking on a zinc lozenge can help reduce the longevity of symptoms. Do this every few hours within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms. Don t exceed 150 mg a day in total, and don it takes zinc for longer than a week because long-term use can actually weaken immunity.

✦ Homemade Bone Broth

Chicken soup or any kind of hot liquid broth will stimulate your immune system. It is the remedy of natural remedies and not only provides warmth and comfort from cold and flu but helps to reduce inflammation and thins mucus. It also is an easily digestible source of nourishment.

✦ Ginger

With antibacterial properties, ginger is a great addition to the flu-fighting arsenal. It can easily be taken as a tea or used fresh. You could even add it to your homemade broth.

Ginger helps to reduce bronchial congestion and contains natural cough suppressants called gingerols.

✦ Vitamin C

As soon as you notice cold or flu symptoms, it is time to take vitamin C. To fight the symptoms, take high doses, about 300 mg per day, in divided doses with food, until you have recovered.

Then drop down to about 50 mg per day for ongoing immune system health.

If you want to keep cold and flu at bay, try taking preventative doses of echinacea, garlic, and vitamin c. These can greatly boost your immune system and prevent the onset of illness.

Using any of the home remedies for flu mentioned above will get you back on track and at the same time help your body build it is own defenses. So next time the cold season comes around, you will have an even greater chance of resisting future infections.

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