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Home Remedies for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

Please watch: “Hyperpigmentation and your Skin Type”
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Home Remedies to treat Dry, Aging AND Dehydrated skin
Dry Skin Treatment at home
Toners to help increase the skins ability to hold in moisture:

Oily, Unbalanced Skin-
Dry, Dull Sagging Aging Skin-
Increase Peptide Activity and Anti Aging-

Overnight Gel Masks:
Dry, Irritated, Inflamed Skin:
Dry Aging Skin Peptide Gel;
Dermalogica Gel Mask-
***These have all been tested to be on the skin overnight AND on eyes and lips.***

Get the list for Anti Aging Ingredients You should NEVER Mix:

How to Treat Dry Vs Dehydrated Skin
Quick Skin Saving Tips:
Best Moisturizer for your skin type:

Here is a simple at home treatment you can do to address Dry skin AND dehydrated skin.
Make sure you listen for the PRO TIP.
Some of the home remedies you can do are:

Oil Infusion Treatment
Spraying the correct toner while your face is still moist
Overnight Face, eyes and lip treatment

Image Ormedic Gel Mask- helps heal, soothe and calm red, irritated dry skin but also has added lighteners and brighteners to inhibit dark spots. Restrores Acid Mantle

Azu Zinc mask- Soothese dry irritated compromised skin with Azulene, Calendula, and Zinc. Recommended for acne prone skin

Dermalgocia Gel Mask-Soothes Fine lines and wrinkles. Good for anti aging.

Sources for Niacinamide study-D Bissett, Topical niacinamide and barrier enhancement, Cutis 70 6 suppl 8โ€“12 discussion 21โ€“23 (Dec 2002)

Dry skin treatment at home and home remedies for dry skin

Simple dry skin care routines that you can do at home.

If you have dry skin due to Retin A, acne products, or have Rosacea or any inflamed skin, although these are home remedies for dry and dehydrated skin, please avoid some of these.

Try using a toner that has high humectant properties and then using a cream or moisturizer that also has high humectant AND occlusive properties IF you are not break out prone.

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