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Home Remedies: How To Grow Hair Faster And Thicker Naturally?

Looking for home remedies to grow hairs naturally? Watch out the video where our expert is giving tips on how to grow hair faster and thicker naturally.

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Rhondalee is a skin and beauty advisor at Consumer Health Digest. She offers hair care advice and recommends basic solutions as per the person’s lifestyle, hair type, hair texture, and age. According to Rhondalee, It is possible to make your hair grow faster, especially if you follow natural remedies.

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Note: This video is a part of a joint collaboration between Rhondalee and Consumer Health Digest.

Video Transcript:-

Hello Everyone,

My name is Rhondalee and today I’m going to talk about hair growth and the natural methods you can resort to, in order to enjoy your luscious hair. Numerous online articles present natural remedies for faster hair growth and it makes you wonder if they really work or not.

Here are the best tips that you can try, so as your hair grows faster:

Massage with natural oils – mix castor oil with almond, coconut or olive oil. Use the mixture to massage your scalp. Repeat weekly.
Hair mask with eggs – mix egg yolks with olive oil and apply the mixture on your scalp. Rinse after a quarter of an hour.
Herbal infusion for your hair – use herbs such as rosemary, sage or nettle, in order to prepare such an infusion. When done, rinse your hair.
Aloe vera & lemon juice – the combination of aloe vera gel and fresh stimulates hair growth.
Take biotin supplements, as these are highly beneficial for hair health and growth.

It is possible to make your hair grow faster, especially if you follow natural remedies. For more information on hair growth, visit

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