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How To Cure Flu Fast Without Medicine | Natural Home remedies for flu | how to break a cold

How To Cure Flu Fast Without Medicine | Natural Home remedies for flu | how to break a cold

Is flu becoming a hurdle in your daily life, then no worries, I am bringing simple home remedies to treat flu or swine at your workspace or residence. Please like, share our video and subscribe to our channel trendy health news.
These simple hacks can immediately eliminate the cold symptoms and sooth your body. If the problems remains consistent then you must consult, your doctor or physician to have a thorough checkup. If some symptoms like fast heartbeat, fever or numbness is prevailing in your body then call immediate medical help.
Chicken Soup: So if you are suffering from flu, common cold and sore throat ,then , When taste and cure walks in parallel, then the health grabs you earlier. Same happens with chicken soup cooked with your vegetables. It provides the warmth to your body and sooth respiratory track.

Ginger: These are special type of herbal roots, which are being used for decades.Because topic is how to get rid of a cold overnight without medicine. Few slides of ginger in warm water can sooth your throat and cough. If you are suffering from clinical nausea, then this natural medicine is equally beneficial for you.
Honey: Due to antiseptic nature, honey is a good treatment for internal as well as external body problem as well. Whether it flu with cough or swine, take 10 grams of honey at night before sleeping and see the magic.
Garlic: If your daily diet is adding garlic as key ingredients then you are equally safe from flu, cold as well as other diseases in the human body system. It provides additional immunity to the body and relax your mind.
Echinacea: Like garlic this in another herbal root to provide immunity against flu. If you are suffering from swine or wanting to avoid it, then take 1 to 2 grams in your favorite tea, but not more than 1 week consistently.
Vitamin C: If you are fond of juicy edibles like lemons, oranges or grape fruit, then you are more potentially immune to this condition. These fruits are full of vitamin c and natural source of better immune system.

Probiotics: Many good bacteria in your body are key fighter against many diseases. Adopt the habit of adding yogurt to daily diet, It will sooth respiratory system and good elements to digestive system.
Salt water: This is the ultimate and immediate solution to this disease. Small amount of salt in water helps to remove bacterial colonies and algae in your throat and provide immediate relief the complete body.
Humidity: flu or cold symptoms becomes more severe and harsh in dry environment. It spreads rapidly in dry environment. Taking humidity from warm water or fluid help to ease breathing and lubricate your respiratory track.
Warm baths: If someone is suffering from fever because of cold or aches. Then warm bath will can reduce the symptoms. If you can add one to 2 drops of any essential oils these can soothes itchy body due to cold or flu.
So guys these were some simple home treatments, hope you enjoyed this video. Moreover, please like share our video and subscribe to our channel.

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