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How to cure Gastritis naturally || Home Remedies For Gastritis

How to cure Gastritis naturally || Home Remedies For Gastritis

Gastritis is basically the inflammation of the stomach linings called the gastric mucosa. Gastritis could be considered chronic or acute depending on the level of the stomach lining that is affected. Follow this remedies once.

1. Ginger.
You can take a cocktail of ginger powder, asafoetida, and rock salt in one cup of lukewarm water. Consume this concoction to get instant relief from gastritis.

2. Yogurt.
Simply, eat 2 or 3 cups of plain yogurt daily. You may also try a smoothie made from yogurt, banana, and honey. Consume it two or three times per day for a quick recovery.

3. Liquorice.
Liquorice has natural antioxidant properties which are helpful in treatment of gastritis.Add some liquorice root tea to a cup of hot water. Strain it after it has cooled. Drink up to thrice a day to naturally treat gastritis.

4. Rice.
Rice gruel is helpful in forming gastric juice. People suffering from gastritis can take two bowls of rice daily for treating gastritis. In severe cases, take larger quantity of rice.

5. Potato.
Take raw potato and extract juice from it. Drink half a cup of potato juice thrice daily fifteen minutes before meals. This is one of most effective natural remedies for gastritis.

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