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How to cure Gingivitis || Home Remedies For Gingivitis

How to cure Gingivitis || Home Remedies For Gingivitis

Gingivitis, also known as gum disease, is regarded as inflammation that develops around the tissues that surround and support the teeth. It is commonly a result of poor dental hygiene and the condition varies widely in its severity.

1. Neem.
Another ayurvedic remedy, neem is a plant found to possess antibacterial properties. Used mouthwashes containing neem, mango, or chlorhexidine (an antiseptic found in many types of mouthwash) twice a day for three weeks.

2. Tea Tree Oil.
If you’re thinking of using tea tree oil for gum health, choose a toothpaste that contains this essential oil as an ingredient. Ingesting undiluted tea tree oil can be toxic.

3. Cranberry.
What’s more, a preliminary study published in the Journal of Periodontal Research in 2013 suggests that compounds found in cranberry may help regulate periodontitis-related inflammation.

4. Vitamin C.
In a study published in the Journal of Periodontology in 2000, for example, researchers analyzed data on 12,419 adults and found that those who consumed the least vitamin C had the greatest risk of periodontal disease.

5. Turmeric.
Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon turmeric with half teaspoon salt and half teaspoon mustard oil. Apply the paste to your gums twice a day to help reduce inflammation.

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