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How to Gain Weight Fast and Quickly – best Natural Home Remedies

How to Gain Weight Fast and Quickly – best Natural Home Remedies

Being thin isn’t always a great feeling! We mostly talk about weight loss issues, but there are also lean people in this world who genuinely want to gain a few kilos. It is as challenging as shedding extra pounds. Well, there are as many nick names for skinny people as for fatty ones. You must have called your skinny buddies with these names – skeletal, matchstick, hanger, undernourished – or you might have heard them from your friends! It surely gives a feeling of embarrassment to the hearer.

It is good to be slim but being skinny is troublesome. Are you worried about your weight and want to put on some pounds? Don’t worry! Here is a list of foods that may add up to extra kilos on your body, making you look healthy and fit.

2. Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is a yummy spread for toast and bread. If you’re trying to gain weight, feel free to go for this high-calorie and nutritious food. Apply it on your whole wheat bread for breakfast and see how your weight increases within a short period of time.

Besides, you can spread a spoonful of peanut butter on fruits or vegetables like banana, apple slices, fresh berries, wheat germ or applesauce.
Alternatively, a peanut butter sandwich is also a good choice.