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How to get relief from Headache in hindi/home remedies for headache

How to get relief from Headache in hindi/home remedies for headache– This video will show how to get relief from headache fast and effective. Headache is the common problem now a days . Due to this headache our whole day get disturbed and irritation and anger is the result of this. Home remedies are the best solution for this as there is no side effect of this. First solution is ginger and lemon juice gives you so much relief. second solution is apply mint leaves juice on your head , this will give you relief.
Third solution is add few drops of peppermint in hot water and then take steam of this. Forth solution is take 4 – 5 basil leaves and boil them in hot water and when it become warm drink this water or else take steam of this water. Fifth solution is put ice pack on you head, after some time you will get the relief. Next solution is boil some cloves and drink this water or either you can make some powder of this and smell this, your headache will gone in few minutes . One more solution is apply some salt on apple and eat this, or add apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, your headache problem will gone in some time .

Headache can be due to one reason or a combination of two or more factors.

• physiological changes in the head
• constriction of blood vessels
• abnormal neuron activities
• migraine
• anxiety and stress
• excessive smoking
• excessive alcohol intake
• caffeine addiction
• genetic factors
• oversleeping
• eye strain
• neck strain
• medical conditions such as hypoglycemia, fever, dental conditions, etc.
• overuse of painkillers
• dehydration
• sinus infection
• high altitudes
• meningitis or tumors
• Pulsating sensation behind the eye
• The pain may shift to other side of the head on another occasion
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Diarrhea
• Cold hands and feet
• Sensitivity to light

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