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Menopause Symptoms in Hindi | Home remedies & Tips to reduce Menopause Symptoms| Menopause Diet

In this video I am sharing menopause symptoms and home remedies and tips to relieve menopause symptoms in Hindi with English Subtitles. When the menstrual periods stop completely, it is called menopause. There are 2 stages of menopause. First stage is peri-menopaue stage. In this stage periods come and go or they become irregular. Second stage is menopause stage. In this stage periods stop completely. Ovaries stop producing estrogen hormone.
Symptoms of Menopause
1. Hot flashes.
2. Increased Heart Beat
3. Increased sweating
4. Abdominal weight gain
5. Vaginal dryness
6. Joint and muscle pain
7. Mood swings
8. Stress
9. Depression

Home remedies and tips to treat menopause symptoms-
1. Change your Life style
2. Increase the intake of organic fruits and vegetables
3. Consume Flax seeds
4. Include Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds and Mulethi in your diet
5. Drink 10 glasses of water everyday.
6. Consume virgin coconut oil and olive oil
7. Avoid sugar
8. Avoid processed foods
9. Exercise daily
10. Do meditation
11. Give time to your hobbies

So these were the symptoms of Menopause and home remedies to get rid of menopause symptoms.

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