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Natural Home Remedies For Cold & Flu | Love Raw Vegan

Learn about natural cold & flu remedies and how to make a Master Tonic!

Topics Discussed In This Video:

1. Colds & Flu Prevention
2. DIY Nasal Rinse
3. DIY Master Tonic
4. Himalayan Institute Neti Pot & Giveaway
5. Elderberry Syrup
6. Herbal Tea Recipe

โœฎ Free Product Giveaway! โœฎ
Himalayan Institute Neti Pot (In either white or pink!)

To Enter Contest You Must:
1. Be subscribed to my channel
2. Let me know in the comments section if you are interested in winning
3. Share your favorite natural cold & flu remedy
4. Have a mailing address in the United States

I will choose 1 winner on * SUNDAY JANUARY 25TH 2014 * – CLOSED
The Winner Is: Jupiter4oak! Congratulations!

Little Tree Naturals – DIY Elderberry Syrup Kit:

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Things To Think About:

Cold & Flu โ€œMaster Tonicโ€ Recipe:

EO Organic Hand Sanitizer Spray:

Home-made Flu Fighting Tea Recipe:

Mountain Rose Herbs Website:

Herbolution Organic Vegan Breathe Easy Salve:

Whole Juicing:

Natural Linens Reusable Organic Unpaper Towels (So soft!):

Bee Free Honey (Made From Apples):

*This video is not sponsored. I only recommend products that I personally use and love.