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Natural home remedy to get rid of chigger bites | How to get rid of chigger bites

Natural home remedy to get rid of chigger bites | How to get rid of chigger bites

There are few things worse than the itch that comes from chigger (red bug) bites. Most people won’t notice the bites until a few hours after trekking through tall grass, but when they start itching, most people will do anything to figure out how to get rid of chiggers.

1. Bleach Bath:
Get In your bathtub before running water.
Turn the heat to as hot as you can stand and fill up to over your legs (if your legs are the primarily effected areas).
Once the water reaches above your legs add ½ – 1 Cup of Liquid bleach and sit in the water until it becomes room temperature, or your itching has subsided.
WARNING: Do not use this method if you’ve already scratched open the lesions from the chigger bites.

2. Oatmeal Bath:

Measure out the packet of colloidal oatmeal.All that really means is “ground up” oatmeal, as to prevent clogs in your homes plumbing drain line. You can make your own easily if you have a high-powered blender or a good coffee grinder.
If you don’t feel like going through the hassle, or you don’t have any oatmeal in your pantry, go ahead and buy the pre-ground colloidal oatmeal from Aveeno.
Draw a bath with water as hot as you can stand and wait for the entire bottom of the tub to have at least 1” water covering it.
Slowly pour the oatmeal mixture around the faucet area where the water is being mixed to avoid clumping of the oatmeal powder, and to prevent clogs when it comes time to drain.
Soak in the tub until the itching subsides.

3. Baking Soda Paste/Bath
Grab the baking soda out of the fridge or pantry pour a few tablespoons worth of it in a bowl.
Slowly add water until the consistency becomes that of a paste.
Scoop it out and drop it on each chigger bite.
Be sure not to “rub it in” to the bite, but just coat the effected area with the baking soda paste.
The baking soda acts as a natural itch reducer.
If you have a very severe case you can always add the baking soda to a tub full of lukewarm water. We recommend only adding a cup of baking soda and adding more as necessary, as obviously you don’t want the same consistency of the paste, as it will clog your drain.

4. Calamine Lotion:
Make sure the lid is closed tightly to the calamine lotion bottle, and shake vigorously.
This not only helps make sure the ingredients are evenly distributed, it makes the consistency thicker and less likely to be too runny on the cotton balls.
Apply the calamine lotion liberally to a cotton ball and rub lightly directly onto the chigger bites.
Calamine lotion can stain certain clothing items, and furniture so it’s best to place a towel underneath just in case.

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