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Response to "Diet, Lifestyle, Supplements and Home Remedies Don't Effect Eye Floaters"

My response to “diet, lifestyle, supplements and home remedies don’t effect eye floaters”

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My name is Cormac, I am 20 years old and suffer from Eye Floaters in both eyes, I have cobweb, dots, lines and transparent floaters and I first got these at 18. I am trying everything to reverse my eye floaters and help all of you reverse yours as well, I want this channel to give you support and encouragement. Living with eye floaters can be very tough and it can really get you down, some days it’s all I would think about and you keep noticing them even more then, really frustrating. I have been and continue to try new diets, lifestyle changes, natural remedies, protocols, solutions and supplements to cure eye floaters, all of my successes and failures I share with you.

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