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Skin Care – Chicken Pox – Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

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Chicken pox is a highly contagious viral infection and is characterized by appearance of red spots and rashes on skin. Watch how you can treat chicken pox using natural ingredients available in your kitchen!

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Chicken Pox:

• Chicken pox is a viral infection
• The most prominent symptom is the appearance of red spots and rashes on skin
• It is a highly contagious condition

Symptoms to look for:

• Rashes or tiny red spots on the skin
o These appear mostly on the upper back or chest
o As infection grows rashes spread to face and lower extremities
• Overtime,
o Rashes get filled with fluid
o Thick crust develops
• As some of these rashes dry, new ones come up
• Itchy blisters
• Mild fever
• Headache
• Weakness


• The condition may spread if one comes in contact with,
o Cough or sneeze of an infected person
o Fluid from the chickenpox blister
• Lack of vaccination for chickenpox

Natural home remedy using green peas:

1. Take 200 g green peas
2. Boil them in water
3. Drain the water
4. Crush the peas to make a paste
5. Apply this paste on the affected area
6. Leave it for 1 hr

Natural home remedies using baking soda:

1. Baking soda helps control the itching
2. Take 1 bowl of water
3. Add 3 tbsp baking soda
4. Mix well
5. Use a sponge to apply on the skin
6. Make sure that the soda dries on skin

Natural home remedies using carrots and coriander leaves:

1. Take 100 g chopped carrots
2. Add 60 g fresh coriander leaves
3. Add them in 500 ml water and boil till water reduces to half
4. Drink this soup once a day
5. Add salt and pepper for taste


• Vaccinate your child for chicken pox
• Avoid itching or scratching the blisters as it can aggravate the condition. It can also leave permanent scars on the skin




These remedies are based on the principles of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of healing, and are completely natural, non-invasive, and can be prepared at home. Consult your doctor if the symptoms persist. Refer to the terms of use on our website