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Some Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Dogs

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Additionally, there is the home treatment of mites, based on oil. But if your dog has been with mites for a long time, or if you are treating a stray or abandoned dog, the infestation will be huge and you will probably also have an ear infection.

In those cases, or if you notice that the dog’s ear is damaged, irritated, infected, reddened or inflamed, it is not recommended to do these home treatments, but you must go directly to the veterinarian to prevent the infection causes permanent damage to the dog.

We will show two possibilities (you do not have to do both, only one of them is enough).

1) Home remedy for mites in dogs with mineral oil


Mineral oil (only)

2) Natural remedy for mites of the dog’s ears with almond oil and vitamin E

This second remedy mixes two types of oils in equal parts, in a small bottle or container. Ingredients:

30 grams of Sweet almond oil
30 grams of Vitamin E Oil

In both cases, put the mineral oil, or the mixture of almond oil and vitamin E in a dropper (utensil to pour the liquid drop by drop). Each day apply 2 drops in each ear of your dog, massage well and make the liquid spread throughout the ear and the area surrounding it.

Treatment of mites of the dog’s ears.

Normally before applying any product to kill the mites of the dog, you should start by cleaning the ears of your dog, to eliminate any wax that you can see. That way we avoid that the mites can hide there when we use the substances to get rid of them.

To perform this cleaning, you can use cotton disks, which are usually used to remove makeup and little by little we will remove all the dirt. Once both ears are clean, we will apply the oil-based solution. What the oil does is drown the mites, and prevent them from breathing and living and feeding normally. Thus, little by little they are dying.

If you are going to use the home remedies, you should do it once a day, for at least 3 weeks, in order to get rid of the adult mites and also kill the eggs and larvae that are born in the meantime.

Does dog mites infect humans?

Are mites in the ears of dogs contagious to humans? The answer is yes, but fortunately it is unlikely that a mite will travel from the ear of a dog to the ear of a person.

It could happen that you touch the ears of a dog infested with mites, and these reach your hand or your forearm. In that case they could sting (bite your skin) and you would notice itching and redness of the skin. But as we say, they are so small that traveling to your ear or ear for them is very difficult, and that is why it is rare for a human being to get mites from the dog’s ear.

However, for prevention, as soon as you suspect that your dog has mites in the ears, you should perform a treatment to eliminate them, without letting time pass. If you are going to manipulate a dog with mites, it is a good idea to use disposable latex gloves. Or, if you have already handled the ears of a dog that has mites without gloves, you should wash your hands thoroughly immediately afterwards, and if you can, apply a disinfectant on your skin.

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