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Hi. And welcome once again to psoriasis revolution. This time we will see The Best Psoriasis Home Remedies.

It is a challenge to treat psoriasis because it is unpredictable and recurring. There is no exact cure to totally free the person from the disease. However, there are available treatments like topical agents and pills that specifically target the symptoms of the disease. These symptoms usually include thick patches of skin which is a result of the over production of skin cells. These patches sometimes appear white or silvery for some individuals while others can have reddish patches. Aside from taking drugs, there are also known psoriasis home remedies and lifestyle measures to help relieve the person from the common symptoms of the disease.

1. The use of seawater has been long proven effective to clean the skin and detoxify the body. It can also provide therapeutic effects to people with psoriasis. Sea salt bath is recommended for people with skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. There are also available salt bath that you can use everyday together with other psoriasis home remedies.

2. Another important fact about psoriasis that people need to consider is that it directly affects the joints. To avoid inflammation of the joints, there are gentle and non-impactive exercises that can help improve the strength and the range of motion of the joints. Taking care of the joints can help prevent the debilitating effects of psoriatic arthritis. Tai chi and swimming are the best forms of exercises for people with psoriasis. For patients who already have psoriatic arthritis, they can use ice packs on the inflamed area to reduce the swelling and at the same time improve the range of the joint. It is also best to regularly take calcium supplements and Vitamin D.

3. There are some diet programs that are suggested for people with psoriasis to follow. But the truth is, there is still no found link between any specific diet program and psoriasis treatment. But, people with psoriasis need to stay healthy and avoid any food that may trigger allergy which can further aggravate the condition. However, climate is found to have direct effect on patients. The symptoms tend to lessen in a warm and stable climate.

4. Aside from topical agents that people use to improve the texture of the skin, the nails should also have the equal attention. Fingernails and toenails are also often affected by psoriasis. Some nails slowly detach from the nail bed and causes the fungi to come in. Regularly file the nails properly. Trimming the nails can also prevent scratching especially when sleeping. To prevent damaging the nails further, it is best to moisturize the thickened toenails. It is also best to wear comfortable shoes that fit well to eliminate friction on the toenails.

5. Regular removal of dead skin that has piled up should also be done to prevent excessive build-up. To remove the scales, you can use a softening agent like salicylic acid. After each bath, the dead skin will soften and it will be easier to remove them by simply rubbing with clean cloth. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the underlying skin. After bathing apply olive oil mixed with Vaseline to lubricate the skin.

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