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Top 5 Powerful Home Remedies for Dog Diarrhea

Many cases of diarrhea in dogs are cleared up within twenty-four hours, especially if your dog is young and healthy. The strong immune system will aid in the recovery of your dog. However if your dog has diarrhea for greater than a twenty-four hour period , it could indicate something more serious is occurring.

It is highly advised to gather a stool sample to bring in to your vet for testing should your dog be experiencing diarrhea. This can help ensure a proper diagnosis as well as test for any indicators that could mean something more serious.

It is best to gather a fresh stool sample and place it in a sealed container to bring to the vet within a four hour period. Taking it to the vet within four hours will help keep the accuracy of the results sound. To gather a stool sample you will need to collect the most recent stool your dog has expelled.

If the stool is very runny in consistency, gather a cotton swab or two and dip it into the feces. You do not need very much feces for the vet to test. The only need a couple droplets in the very least to be able to diagnose your dog with anything serious such as a bacterial infection, viral infection, or even worms.

After you have received an official diagnosis of diarrhea, you can begin treatment right away. Starting treatment immediately will help to bring your dog back to their normal state of health, faster.

Author: Isabella Donnelly
An Australian Registered Veterinary Surgeon and Practitioner, Isabella Donnelly earned her Bachelor of Animal Science at Adelaide University before going on to study Veterinary Medicine at Melbourne University, from which she graduated in 2017. She has collaborated on honours and PhD projects, and she is working to complete a publication for the Veterinary and Agricultural Faculty of the University of Melbourne.
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