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Lipomas are usually found just below the skin, and are most common on the head, neck, arms and armpits, but can occur anywhere in the body.

They are not cancerous, but they can be a nuisance for many.

What are the symptoms of a lipoma?

Lipomas are generally small – about 1-3 cm in size. They are really dark and has a soft consistency of rubber.

They can remain the same size or grow slowly over the years. They usually do not cause pain, but the most troublesome symptom is that the location or size may make them visible to others, causing discomfort or problems of self-esteem in those who have them.

If they are painful or extremely bothersome, it can be removed by a health professional.

Lipomas appear in all age groups but is most common in men and middle-aged women. The cause of lipomas is not completely understood but it is believed that the tendency to develop them is inherited. A small injury can also trigger growth.

Treatment to remove lipomas
Some people believe that the lipoma is formed, because the body is out of balance and can not process toxins through normal channels, such as the kidneys or liver. If you are living with lipomas and looking for a natural way to remove them, check out this home remedy:

Honey and flour

Mix a little raw honey with a little flour and apply the mixture directly over the lipoma. The application thickness should be 1 cm deep, to make sure that the mixture is very thick.

Cover dough with a paper towel or a bandage to maintain the creamy mixture in place. Keep the mixture for a day or up to 36 hours, then remove and repeat the procedure.

Repeat this method 5 times a week. This treatment will help fat deposits – lipoma, to disappear:

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