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Injibs Cosmets has 7 quick fix wrinkles removal home remedy tips and the 7TH one is EGG WHITE (2018) . Injibs Cosmets recommends eating healthy in order to have a wrinkle free face and to fight wrinkles and aging. Stay tuned.

Are you starting to age? Are the wrinkles

starting to show up?I have a home remedy

for you.

Remedy number 7. Wrinkles appear on

the skin as you age. When aging skin

starts to lose its ability to hold on

moisture makes less oil and is slower to

heal. It also produces less collagen and

because collagen is what makes your skin

smooth and elastic. Wrinkles start to

appear common causes of wrinkles include:

1. Genetic; Family influences to normal

aging changes in the skin aging

naturally causes a slowdown in silicon

and elastin production. With aging also

comes a loss of cellulite in the face and

looser and thinner layers of skin that

had to the appearance of fine lines.

Remember that you cannot stop the clock

but you can slow down the process by

several ways. So keep on reading. 3.

Smoking. Smoking curbs your skin’s

production of collagen which keeps your

skin from sagging and forming wrinkles.

The downturn in collagen paves the way

for wrinkles that is one more reason to

quit smoking or never to start. 4. Sun

exposure; It is the number one cause of

wrinkles. Getting too much Sun damages

your skin. 5. Dehydration;

Dry skin appears more wrinkled the same

way dry soil looks like after a drought.

Wrinkles tip number 7.

Egg-white; This process is effective for

wrinkles under the eyes neck face feet

forehead and hands. 1. Separate egg YOLK

from one egg. 2. Spread an even layer of

egg white on your face. 3. Let it dry for

10 minutes. 4. Rinse off with lukewarm

water and mild soap followed by cold

water or instead of tossing out the egg

shells, scrape the inner layer of it and

apply the liquid obtained on wrinkles.

Rinse off after 15 minutes. Repeat daily.

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